Free BitComet Manager is used for downloading FTP, HTTP, and BitComet. It has a simple interface and broad functionality. BitComet provides the ability to upload and share files using the torrent system. Manager also checks the identity of the boot configurations to your connection type and configures it automatically.

The program allows you to view files during download

Files of rmvb, qt, wmv and mp3 formats can be viewed in a few minutes after the start of downloading process, and there is no need to wait for the completely loaded file. The option of preview before downloading allows you to get acquainted with the content of the file before taking the decision about its downloading.


Positive advantage of Manager BitComet — it extends the life of hard drives: cache system created very carefully, it reduces the frequency of reading and writing on HDD at high speed downloading and exchanging of data.

Besides, BitComet has additional options: a chat; filter on IP-addresses; proxy support; setting the speed limit; DHT Network support networks that do not require tracker; automatic PC shut down after the end of work.

Type The Internet. Data exchange.
Developers BitComet
OS Windows 7,8, XP, Vista
Interface language Multilingual including Russian
Size 8,34 MB
Last version 1.37 since 01.01.2014
License FreewareThe main features:


The main features to BitComet:

  • It monitors the integrity of torrents.
  • Torrents recovered and distributed without the wasting time for downloading.
  • Verification of a file content uniformity.
  • In Windows XP – Auto Config ICF and ICS.
  • Links intellectually optimized.
  • Caching intellectually.
  • Intelligent renaming.
  • Limits the download speed, exchange and distribution of reference.
  • DHT, Multi-tracker, extension utf 8, UDP trackerProtocol v2
  • Setting up the priority downloads.
  • Configuration of download manager.
  • Scheduler.
  • The interface is multilingual.

Download BitComet For 32-bit and 64-bit Windows


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