Google Talk

Google Talk is used for immediate messaging, it is free and created by Google. The program gives an opportunity of communication in chat using voice communication and text messaging. It is characterized by the integration with Gmail e-mail (contact synchronization, notification of incoming mail and others). When someone among your  friends will install this programme, you can immediately start communicating without transferring logins and numbers.


Google Talk supports the XMPP, it is designed for sending messages and finding information about the network, including also sending messages to the contact when it is in shutdown mode. Application of XMPP protocol allows Google Talk users to communicate with customers of other Jabber servers.

Type The Internet. Communication.
Developers Google Inc.
Interface language English, Russian
OS Wind 2000, Vista, 7, XP
Size 1.28 MB
Last version since 06.06.2012
License FreeWare

The main features:


  • All operations are in the real mode.
  • The data about the location, occupation of friends (status is updating).
  • Immediate sending and receiving images, photos, files, etc..
  • One-time voice communications of group (audio conference).
  • Posting in shutdown mode of a friend.
  • Notification about incoming e-mail.
  • Chatting in Gmail, integration with Gmail.
  • Access to archives messages from – a mailbox.


Attention! To use Google Talk requires necessarily account in Gmail.

Google Talk

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