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There is almost no aspect of life without some sort of intervention from the Internet. Constant connectivity with World Wide Web has changed the way people do their jobs, communicate with others, conduct business, and certainly enjoy and access entertainment contents.

Smartphones, tablets, and all other portable Internet-enabled devices, particularly those with music streaming capabilities, give instant on-demand audio entertainment at ease. All popular songs in any format are playable on those devices; with quick browsing and several taps on screen, users can listen to almost all songs they want free of charge.

To make things easier, smartphones comes with built-in audio player, albeit basic, to play various formats such as WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more. The application market also offers countless third-party music players, both free and paid.

Whether or not we want to admit, searching for free music download is not as easy as it used to be. Pressures from copyright advocates, artists, and music labels have effectively forced many free music download websites to shut down their operation.

The days when everyone downloaded files easily from the Internet are coming to an end. For users, the options are now more limited, and this is where Music Paradise Pro comes in.

Full Blown Music Player

The fact that Internet is a big music library remains unchanged, but now users have to do a little bit more searching to download songs or any audio file freely for offline playback. Music Paradise Pro is not actually a download helper, but a fully-featured good music player with added functionalities to download files to local storage device.

It means you don’t have to always use your use your Internet bandwidth to listen to the songs. For those who rely on mobile networks data, this is the more efficient method.


You can consider Music download Paradise as audio files search engine. The app harnesses the power of custom search methods to crawl numerous popular music websites to help you find any song existing song. We have to understand that some files are copyrighted materials; free downloading is an unfair practice for the copyright owners.

Streaming is perfectly fine, but keeping it in local storage without permission from the owner is illegal. With music download paradise, you can search and play copyrighted songs without problems; as a bonus, it has an integrated feature to download copyleft and creative commons music files to your personal offline library.

Ringtone Maker

Besides providing a range of playback functions as well as search and download capabilities, all the free music paradise pro has downloaded to your library can be further edited and used as ringtones. You can cut or trim the song and save only the part that you need.

The app can function as ringtone maker on downloaded files or any audio you have in your storage device. The songs that you listen to by streaming cannot be edited, so you have to download them first when possible. If you really need to cut and edit copyrighted songs, you can always purchase them online prior to editing.

Free App with Premium Features

Best of all, Music Paradise Pro is available for free. It is compatible with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer. Ice Cream Sandwich is quite old Android operating system and the vast majority of users at least have this version installed on their Android smartphones.

Music Paradise Pro Free Download will work on any higher version of the operating system without problems. You can also use this on Windows PC as long as it has Android emulator installed.


Another good thing comes from its user interface. It is not heavy on cosmetic, so its runs light even on an old device. The app consumes very little amount of memory and the straightforward interface is easy to use even by the most tech-ignorant people.

Simultaneous Multiple Downloads

With Paradise pro music download, you can search, find, and download multiple songs at the same time. You can also preview the songs before downloading to make sure you get the right files. Some songs have similar titles, and the preview feature can save you a lot of bandwidth in the long run. Other features include Refresh Library, Favorite, Playlist, Search by Category or Name, and Download History.

Ads Supported

Paradise Pro is a free app and relies on ads for development. Displaying ads on application window is not an uncommon practice, and most users are familiar with it. Creating, developing, and maintaining an app requires fund, and the ads help to keep Paradise Pro running and available free of charge for all.


Some ads can be annoying, but Paradise Pro does this in acceptable manner and all the ads are not intrusive. In general, the features outweigh this minor drawback.

Music Paradise Pro APK Download

Currently, Paradise Pro is available as an APK file from many trusted sources across the Internet. It is not yet listed in the official app market for Android device.

Before downloading, you will have to enable the option to allow installation of apps from unknown sources under Setting on your device. All sources of apps and APKs except the Play Store are considered “unknown” by Google.

Download Music Paradise Pro

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