RealPlayer Cloud 17.0

RealPlayer Cloud is an application which allows downloading, playing and saving video network streaming. Support lots of video, audio and image formats. The program can be combined with different platforms.

Type Utility
Developers RealNetworks
OS Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
Language English
Latest version 17.0 upload 24.04.2015
Capacity 52.54 MB
License Free
Websites RealNetworks

Basic features and key functional of RealPlayer Cloud:

  • Based on Internet Explorer engine;
  • Graphical visualization;
  • Bookmarks for favorite streams and files;
  • Video and equalizer playback control;
  • Media library;
  • Tag editing;
  • Records compact-discs and audio;
  • Plug-in support;
  • List Editor supports the option “Drag and drop”;
  • Supports a great number of different video, audio and image formats;
  • Media playback during navigating;


RealPlayer Cloud is an advanced program with great functional for live work with different types of multimedia. This program support new technology SuperPlay TM which provides exact and proper playback on different devices. It is possible to download and save media online. The program can also be used for viewing television, listening radio and searching for information. The player interface is quite intuitive and correlated with certain social networks (Twitter, Facebook).

Download RealPlayer Cloud and have a good time!

RealPlayer Cloud 17.0

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