Apowersoft Screen Recorder 2.0.0

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is video capture software that will allow you to record computer’s screen or audio. The application is web-based what means that a user has no need of downloading other programs to run it.

Type Utility
Developers Apowersoft
OS Windows
Language English
Latest version 2.0.0 upload 17.05.2015
Capacity 15.52 MB
License Free
Websites Apowersoft


Basic features and key functional of Apowersoft Screen Recorder:

  • Enables to record whatever is seen or done on computer’s screen;
  • Includes different modes – Full Screen, Region, a single window or any area where the mouse cursor is;
  • Records video calls from web-camera;
  • Captures both system and Microphone sound;
  • Converts video to any format;
  • Has a powerful Easy Edit function which enables polishing of any video;


This program is easy to find and download to your computers. It is free of charge. It is quite safe and convenient in operating. It allows capturing any onscreen activities in different modes. Since it is web-based you have a great opportunity to record your web calls. You can pair whatever you’re doing with sound from your PC or your microphone. All recording will be saved in WMV files so that you can upload them to YouTube.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is the best free screen recorder available today.

Download this program now and enjoy its advantages.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder 2.0.0

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