Free software oVoo serves for organizing the Internet video conferencing and instant messaging (there is a function of record and you can send video messages). You can make free video calls,and so on, including group calls (up to 12 members). You can record video calls, video mail, and also there are many other functions.


The programme has an option of translation of the screen  —  opponents can see what is displayed on the screen of your monitor during the video call. This is extremely useful during the distant presentation or when you need to show to other people  videos or photos on your PC.

Type The Internet. Communication
Websites http://www.oovoo.com/home.aspx
Developers ooVoo LLC
OS Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7
Interface language Multilingual including Russian
Size 13.77 MB
Last version  since 19.12.2013
License Freeware

The programme will be useful in your arsenal of software. For downloading you should follow the link below and install the programm. Follow the instructions and choose a Russian version.

ooVoo provides a joint viewing of video, you can watch movies with your friends. Everything you need to do for this is to select an icon which is located at the bottom of the window in a video chat, or at the top of your contacts list.


You can not print a message any more! You can just write it on a video and send it to your colleagues, acquaintances, friends, family, etc., just using  the traditional method of e-mailing. This option can be used if you want to congratulate on somebody in the original way, or just to share interesting news.

There are many other possibilities in this programme, and due to them today ooVoo can be considered as one of the best programms for communication in the Internet.

For example, unlike Skype, ooVoo software does not use a PC user to manage voice and video calls as an intermediate node, but it uses its own functionality.


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