Free software RaidCall is created for quality voice communication with minimum time delay for professional gamers. It is designed for online games (eg: FPS, MMORPG), which require the participation of players in the team with a group communication,  for coordination of actions. Having established RaidCall, the user does not have any more to rent a server or install it by himself.


RaidCall uses a model of “client-server” for data transmission. The program sends data from the user to the server, which forwards it to other users on the channel. This sharply reduces the need for wider data channels, as the server supports for each channel near 1,000 slots. But Skype uses p2p for data transmission, and this requires from the user  the wide data channel.

Type The Internet. Communication
Developers RaidCall
OS Windows 2000, XP, 7, Vista
Interface Language Multilingual including Russian
Size 5.27 MB
Last Version 7.3.0 since  20.10.2013
License Freeware

The main features:

  • Audio service of RaidCall works on the basis of cloud computing.
  • You can talk, chat within a group, watch the video even without leaving the game.
  • System integration ensures the free chat during the game.
  • The program is based on Speex – powerful and popular engine which reduces noise and improves audio quality.
  • Communication protocol of UDP in comparison with the protocol of TCP is significantly reduces the delay, because TCP uses different systems of VoIP.
  • The program works fast and does not require large system resources also it does not distract from the game.
  • It ensures confidentiality.
  • The system of access rights allows to define the powers of the different participants.


Changes in the latest version:

  • Corrected connection with Facebook.
  • The new plug-in.
  • Improved run of registration.
  • Improved Overlay.
  • Were fixed some bugs and optimized some functions


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