Firefox / Mozilla

It is powerful, free browser, which is included to the software set of Mozilla Application Suite. It is developed and distributed by the Mozilla Corporation. This is the third popular browser in the world and first among software (free).

In 05.2013 its market share was 19.77%. The browser is especially successful in several countries, including Germany and Poland with a share of 47% and 43%. In Russia, Firefox is on the 2nd place in popularity with a share of 22.41% (date 05.2013).


Type Browsers
Developers Mozilla Corporation, community
OS Mac OS X, UNIX, Windows, Android, Linux
Interface language Multilingual including Russian
Last versions 21.0 updated 14.05.2013
Beta versions 22.0b1 updated 16.05.2013
Alpha versions 23.0a2 updated 17.05.2013
Language XUL, C++, XBL (eng.) rus., JavaScript
Size 20.3 Mb
License 3rd license: MPL / LGPL / GPL

Features and Functions

The Firefox browser has an interface with a lot of tabs, function of search while typing, spell checking, and here also exists a download manager, “live bookmarks”, a space for appealing to the search engine. You can also add new functionality through extensions. Firefox is one of the most flexible browsers, since it has a wide functionality settings.


Updates of Firefox 21.0:

  • In your browser exists a new panel download.
  • For Windows the procedures of updating Firefox are simplified (no need to re-accept the request of UAC).
  • When viewing the source code, line numbers are now available.
  • Default of smoothly scroll is working.
  • Mistakes fixed.
  • Added maintaining of new technologies HTML5.
  • Firefox browser work even faster now.
  • The Google search is by default.

Free download of the browser Firefox 21.0 right now without registration and SMS

Firefox / Mozilla

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