How to fix – Error code 0x80004005 ?

Nowadays, many people are coming up with different reasons of facing error 0x80004005 which happens due to different types of reasons. When windows displays the error 0x80004005, it declare it as an Unknown error, and this makes it a really headche situation for the user as how I solve this unknown error code 0x80004005.

This usually display in windows, when your system file is missing or has been broken. Mostly this happens due to Virtual Machine error , Windows 10 update error, and Corrupt .ddl File or Corrupt Registry.
Today in our this detailed article we will show you all possible ways to get rid of it forever.

Case 1: Windows 10 new update error – SOLVED

This error have been faced by many of Win 10 user while they try to download a new windows update (KB3087040). Win 10 was officially announced in year 2015, and by time also new update were released to set up flaws and fix different bugs and problems.

Microsoft always tried their best to release new update to users regularly, while this time the new update felt unlucky for many of its users.

This update was freshly announced to solve security related issues and problems that are available in the Internet Explorer Flash player.

However, bad luck alot of users started complaining and reporting on social media and forums that the new update failed while they try to download it, and this error message is shown each time:

“There were problems installing some updates, but we will try again soon. If you still keep seeing this search the web or contact support for information, this may help: Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Win 10 for x64/x32 based Systems (KB3087040) Error 0x80004005


There is a very simple way to fix it. You can directly download the update manually and then install it without using control panel of Win. These update file can also be downloaded by searching it in Google.

Once the file is being downloaded, you can run the setup file to install it, remember one thing to restart your PC must after setup finishes completely. Then Win on your PC will be up-to-date and won’t be alarm by system susceptibility.

Case 2: Virtual Machine error code – SOLVED

The error which we face is the result of virtual machine error or when you try to access the shared folders. If you are among those unlucky users who are facing this issue, then hold on and dont worry, because we at softpacket will guide you on, just follow the steps shown below and you won’t face it again. If 0x80004005 code is shown on virtual machine, then the main problem is with registry key.

Step 1:

First of all you need to press the Windows Key and R together so that the Run dialog box displays. Or you can also use this another simple method to open Run dialog box that is by clicking the Start button and then you will see All Programs and Accessories option.


Then you will see Run option listed there, now click it so that thr run dialogue box gets open.

Step 2:

Once the dialogue box gets open then type regedit and click OK

Step 3:

Then you can open the Registry Editor. Follow the following path to Check registry key:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

Now all you need is to check the presence of the key there, if it is present , then remove it and try to start it again. After deleting the registry key the 0x80004005 error may get fixed. If it still doesn’t fixed, follow the next method.

Note: If the error 0x80004005 is caused by the Shared Folders, then do follow the steps below or else ignore:

Step 1:

Open Registry Editor with the same method as we have mentioned in Case 2 and then navigate the path:

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

Step 2:

If your PC runs on 32-bit Win system create a new DWORD value called Local Account Token Filter Policy and if your PC is set up with 64-bit system you need to create a QWORD (64-bit) called Local Account Token Filter Policy. Remember to set numeric 1 value and click OK.

Step 3:

Restart your PC and see if you are able to access the shared folders.

Case 3: Corrupt .dll file or Corrupt Registry – Error SOLVED

Usually this error code is displayed due to certain (OS) Operating System file that may be damaged fully. This is one of the main reasons behind this error 0x80004005 that is missing or corrupted DLL files or damaged registry.

Step 1:

First of all you need to find out System Tools, check it under Accessories for that you need to click on Start menu and All Programs . Then click Disk Cleanup and you will see a wizard which shows those files you can delete and how much disk space is available.

Step 2:

When you are almost done with step 1, then simply go and chose Temporary Internet Files and click on “Clean up system files” button.

Click Start button and then in the search box type %temp% and hit Enter key. Then a list will appear of all availble files and folders which are placed in the temp folder. Press CTRL+A to select all these files and hit Delete. Remember to also clean your Recycle bin completely so that these files get permanently deleted from computer.


So these were the different methods for the solution of the Error 0x80004005 , and we hope it works for you.

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