Gemini Groove Pro Edition 5.6.3

Gemini Groove is a program which enables mixing. It is an application for the real professional Disc Jockeys, and gives them a wide range of tools to get better results. The program suggests a large spectrum for mixing any musical style.

Type Utility
Developers Gemini DJ
OS Windows
Language English
Latest version Pro Edition 5.6.3 updated 31.05.2012
Capacity 18,8 MB
License Trial version
Websites Gemini DJ

Basic features and key functional of Gemini Groove:

  • Supports OGG, WMA, WAVE and MP3 files;
  • Features mixer with a three-band equalizer;
  • Single and continuous play modes;
  • Auto BPM Calculation;
  • Possess a Vinyl Scratching Emulation;
  • Has loops and effects console, three cues and the song’s progress bar;
  • Is provided with the master volume, individual volume controls;
  • Has an excellent crossfader;
  • Sustains a configurable Automix;
  • Support for MIDI controllers;

Gemini Groove program is a great helper for professional DJs. Due to its rich functional is able to provide a user with all required sound effects.

You will receive a real pleasure after the downloading and installation of this application. In addition, the program’s interface is easy to cope with. You will learn very fast how to operate it and to produce music of your own. The download is free of charge.

Just find and download Gemini Groove and bring yourself to a new level of musical creations.

Download Gemini Groove Pro Edition 5.6.3 for Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Gemini Groove Pro Edition 5.6.3

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