Hamachi download free

With the help of Hamachi (Hamachi) you will be able to develop for yourself a virtual local network by means of the World Wide Web. You will have unlimited possibilities of using LAN, such as games in the network. It has to be noted that you can play with the “not official” key or use crack. An important fact is that the speed of the network will not be bigger than the speed of the Internet connection. A dedicated external IP-address is required for work.


OS Windows 7 / 8 / XP
Interface language Russian
Last version
Size 8.49 Mb
License Freeware
Developer LogMeIn, Inc.

Hamachi program is available for downloading from our website. Its setting should not cause any difficulties. After starting the program it is necessary to check the presence of both players. Then prioritize the connection to each other. Any player can create a network deal by agreement. To cope with this task you need to start with a button of creation a network.

It is necessary to select the corresponding item. Once you click on “Create New Network” button, select the name for your network (any name) and enter the password. Please note, that the password must contain more than three symbols. Then you should choose the “Create” button. The result will be a network. The window displays its network’s name. You do not need to do anything, just to inform the members of the network about its name and password, which you have been entered into Hamachi.


After that, the opponent should also implement the input of the data. This will allow connection to your network. In the network on the first place will be displayed your name and IP-address. Below it will be located names and addresses of all other participants. Once the process is completed successfully, you need to distinguish yourself as a server in order opponents could connect to you. To do this, your opponent  should put in the ff your “virtual» IP-address. You should know that the opponent sees your “virtual» IP-address as a connected user.

If you are connected to the opponent and have received from him the settings, you need to choose the “Networking” and click on “Login into existing network.” After that, in the form that has appeared you should enter name of the network and its password. After entering you will be displayed as a connected user in the list of Hamachi. It should be noted that absolutely any player can perform as a server! It’s enough just to know the ip address of hamachi!

Hamachi download free

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