How to delete your account at “DrugVokrug”

Social networks – they are used by absolutely everyone who uses the Internet, and this is understandable. As well as phones once acquired incredible popularity several years ago, today Social Networks are incredibly popular. Perhaps, soon every person on the Earth will have an account in one or another social network. As a rule, it is impossible to delete an account from social networks completely – it will be in the system even if you don’t want to.

The social network “DrugVokrug” is also not exсeption. This system is also not offering opportunity to delete an account. So what should you do in such a case?

Generally, there are two really effective methods which would help you to delete your account from the social network “DrugVokrug”. Let’s talk about these methods in detail.

Applying to administration.


The first and perhaps the fastest method – is to write a message to administration of “DrugVokrug”, with the request to delete your account. After such request account will be deleted. To do this, find among your contacts name “DrugVokrug” and write an appropriate letter to him, in which specify your desire of deleting account. A letter should be without mistakes and correct, otherwise the administration could deny your request.

So, if you have done everything in a right way, the administration of “DrugVokrug” will delete your account. But sometimes it does not work, so let’s look at the second method.

Maybe there is no option ‘to delete your account” in the network “DrugVokrug”, but you can change the name, avatar and do other things. The second method involves changing the name on some “Abracadabra”, changing avatar and deleting the whole list of your friends. So you will distort your account, remove all the friends and will make yourself an inactive user. We can say that you actually deleted your account from the social network “DrugVokrug”.


“Delete the whole list of your friends, open your profile (click on its nickname) and replace information about you, also instead your photo upload some picture. Finally, delete application from the computer”.

If you opened this page by accident and want to register, you first need to download a program to computer “DrugVokrug”.

Good luck!

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