Setting the home page in Google Chrome

Welcoming page ­ what is this?

Standard welcoming page of Google Chrome looks, perhaps, a little bit not clear and empty. Now we will clear up what a welcoming page is and why we need it. When you launch the browser, the first thing you see ­ it’s front page! It is also called the New Tab page, or welcome page.

In fact, these 2 notions have different concept, especially when we talk about standard welcoming page of browser Google Chrome.

So now we know what it is. Let’s see what for we need it?

If you have a browser with a standard welcoming page, namely “New Tab page” and you didn’t change it and didn’t install extensions for changing the “Quick Access Pages“, then it will look like this:


Let’s start with these incomprehensible, at first sight squares. What they are?

These are “tabs“, which represent sites you visit more often than others. That’s why this page is called “page shortcuts” (or Speed Dials). Just above these tabs, we can see the bookmarks bar. They display the sites you’ve added to “Bookmark“.

Below the tabs of Quick Access you can observe menu bar of browser Google Chrome. Typically, this panel displays the “Sites” and “Installed applications“.

How to set up a welcoming page?

In order to go to the set­up menu of Welcome page in the browser Google Chrome, you must open the panel “Configuring and Managing Google Chrome”. To do this you need launch the browser, move the mouse to the upper right sector of the program and click on an item.


In further appeared context menu select “Options.” After that, go to the tab “Settings” and in the tab called “starting group” you can customize your welcome page of Google Chrome browser.


Here we can see three menu items, namely:

  • Pages of Quick Access – These are pages where collected the most often visited websites and your favourite ones.
  • Recently opened Pages – When you start the browser, it will automatically open the last opened page. It means that will be opened those pages, which were opened in your browser before you closed it.
  • The next pages – Here you can customize the list of pages which will open automatically when you open the browser.

Custom version of welcoming page in Google Chrome

As we can see, we don’t have opportunity of managing tabs, located on the New Tab page, and it’s not convenient. Most people are used to the fact that these tabs are under their control and that they can set up their own list of sites for quick access.

As it was mentioned earlier, there is such opportunity, and it can be achieved by installing a special “Extensions of Google Chrome”. It means that there are special extensions, even more: installed additions for the browser Google Chrome, which allow you completely change the page shortcuts. On one of these extensions we will discuss right now.

Expansion FVD Speed Dials for Google Chrome

Due to the expansion of “Tabs Quick Access FVD”, you can customize your welcome page of Google Chrome according to you For example, page shortcuts using FVD Speed Dials may look like this:


Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

In addition, using tabs shortcut FVD, you can subdivide your tabs on the “Group” or, in other words, the “Categories”. Due to this you can adjust the tabs as you want. You are limited only by your own imagination.

Manage your tabs, delete, create, edit, do anything you want. All this allows the extension of FVD Speed Dials.

You can download and automatically install the extension in Google Web Store.


As we can see, setting up a welcome page of Google Chrome is extremely easy and the task can be handled by everybody! If you still not downloaded the browser Google Chrome, you can download using this link.

Good luck and further success in all your starts!

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