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Becoming a member of a social network “DrugVokrug”, you will provide yourself with the opportunity of making new acquaintances, you will find a lot of friends! Each user, who participate in this social network, has a lot of friends (boys and girls) and can find new friends while using this network! Through humble application you can often chat with friends on the overall themes! Taking advantage of this social network, you can find a soul mate here or help to do this to other users!

At the site you can quickly download the program and become a user of the program DrugVokrug, also you will learn about the opportunities and secrets of the application. If you are already familiar to the social network “DrugVokrug”, you can just download the software program on the computer (PC), a tablet, phone or smartphone. While registering, connection to the Internet is required. Also you need your mobile phone number, which you will use in case if you will forget or lose access to the social network.

In the menu, choose the coordinates of where to download the program and then follow the instructions.

Naturally, social net “VKontakte” – is a power and strength, but a social network “DrugVokrug” will be closer to you when you want to meet somebody in a real life. There is extremely high probability of casual dating, because “DrugVokrug” will look for a new friends, both in the Internet and using Bluetooth!

When tuned to search, you can go to any popular place – theatre, coffee bar, club, restaurant and other places. All you need to do is to login into the program and expect to meet new people! It really works and people are starting to write to you by themselves! Especially such way of meetings is popular in big cities.


Now I have a lot of friends which I met in nightclubs. We often relaxing together at various activities. And i’m very grateful for this to developers of application “DrugVokrug”!

In the program there are paid services, they are not binding but can increase your chances. These services have their own advantages. The main thing is that the social network is working and helps to meet and communicate with really interesting people!

The profile is configured very comfortable -— you can see your friends. You can look through people’s interests before acquaintance, also you can see their photos, to make an assessment and decide whether you need this friendship or not. That is fantastic!

Windows version for PCs has practically all the features which has mobile version of Windows. Except one – Bluetooth, which is not available on every laptop. Of course, the laptop is uncomfortable to use when you are going to a restaurant or in a nightclub. At the same time, this program is very practical when you are at home. It is much more convenient to support communication with the already existing friends. Interface of PC version of “DrugVokrug” is more colourful and comfortable than, for example, the version of Java. In addition, the big screen and comfortable using of the mouse will not only help to communicate without problems, but also view photos of the participants in high resolution.

There are versions of Windows XP, Windows 7, and others with most modern assembly.

Version of application for Android devices and the iPhone has all the features and comforts, which version of Java and the PC does not have. If the saying goes, you can not make an elephant out of a fly (if the version of Java — is a fly, so the version of Android — is an elephant).

In general, this app lets you to communicate comfortably and to get acquainted with profiles of other users. Java does not fully provide quality of photos but Android version has no such problems. All is very nice, fast and comfortable.

To regular users of the social network “DrugVokrug” we advise to install the PC version. Because despite all the coolness of this version, smartphone (no matter how it is comfortable) will not substitute all the comfort of using a full keyboard and mouse. But it is booming to use both versions!

Apple accustomed all its users – these products are something special and only for the elite class. Stylish, but rugged design and special format for applications. This can be attributed to everything, including the program “DrugVokrug”. This device was designed for the iPhone and is very beautiful and of high-quality.

The main otherness of version for iPhone is a style of applications. Everything here is strict and beautiful. It is easy and cool to chat with new friends using iPhone version. The network “DrugVokrug” is nice and cool It has the same functionality as in the PC version but also has possibility of location, navigation and others. In other words – you will be able to monitor network users which are nearby. You can login into programme while being in the restaurant, and watch with whom you can dinner or talk! In such a way datings start!

There is no version “DrugVokrug” for Symbian platform in native format (sis), but for smartphones Sony Ericsson, Nokia and some Samsung models “DrugVokrug” version of the application is the same as for the Java. Except one — this program is optimized for usage with these devices. The functional interface is exactly the same.

Let them say that mobile phones with simple Java has become obsolete! Still, there are many devices based on this platform, and developers are constantly trying to please users with new products. For example: for the Windows Phone for a long time there were no application “DrugVokrug”, but it was established long time ago for Java!

So what is more cool?

Naturally Java in its capabilities considerably concedes to any other version, even despite that fact that the developers tried to create all versions with the same functionality. In any case, you can use all services of communication and can watch other people’s profiles. The difference lying mostly in the design and interface. If you have an old phone which is based on Java, there is no choice! At the same time, you can take it with you everywhere, but you can not do it with a PC or laptop.

Developers of applications specifically adapted it for different models of phone and we tried to clarify the download. Naturally, it is better to visit the official website of the application and from there to download the latest version, but our page is also convenient and understandable.

“DrugVokrug” for OS Windows Phone was created in the last turn. Perhaps the developers were waiting for times when this platform will become popular. Actually they achieve their target! Recently here appeared a working version of “DrugVokrug” for smartphones on Windows Phone platform! According to market feedback it works not that much perfect – here are some problems. Version has been tested, now it works and even more – recently it has been updated!

On behalf of the developers, we ask you not to judge strictly, because the program will constantly be refined, thus they will take into account all the suggestions and comments.

Still, we need to be happy that version was finally created for Windows Phone devices. By its functional application is not inferior to Android or ios devices. So, the life of the owners of smartphones WP is slowly getting better!

Attention! Changing of password for logging in the application “DrugVokrug” can be done by resetting! In the menu HELP / TIPS of the necessary devices you need to choose “Forgot password, what to do?”

If carrying out the instructions, you will achieve at your mobile number a password, which was mentioned while registration!

Do not give your password in the social network to people, whom you don’t know!

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