Stream Recorder.NET 1.0.6

Stream Recorder.Net is a program which makes possible the downloading your favorite songs, radio sessions or TV shows. The program can download the recorded data and reproduce it through VLC Media Player or MPlayer-compatible streams.

Type Utility
Developers Ohad Schneider
OS Windows
Language English
Latest version 1.0.6 update 14.11.13
Capacity 1.2 MB
License Freeware


Basic features and key functional of Stream Recorder.Net:

  • Records, joins and posts processes stream using the tools a user chooses;
  • Full Command Line Interface for scheduling and automation;
  • Automatically creates windows tasks for scheduled recordings;
  • Copies current configuration parameters to the clipboard;
  • Holds on the process of recording alive;
  • Names time stamps files;
  • Logs recorder output to file;
  • Easily presets MP3 and Windows Media;
  • Complete Tool tip coverage explaining all functionality;
  • Portable mode saves;
  • Records directly from MPlayer or VLC;
  • Schedule recordings feature;


Stream Recorder.Net is an advanced program for those ones who wish to record any event they want. If you want to record some songs or wish to watch some TV program, but have no possibility to see or hear it online you can record it with the help of this application. Just download it to your PCs and you will be able to record all events that are to liking.

Stream Recorder.NET 1.0.6

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