Video card is strongly heated

In that case when your video card is really hot, you should not postpone solving this problem, because if for a long time you will do nothing with this video card, as a minimum it burns. In the worst case ­ it may happen so that the video card will simply burn with a blue flame and this will cause the damage of the whole computer.

Overheating ­ it is very dangerous, remember it!

Why it happens so that video card is overheated?

The most common problem lies in a weak cooler, which is simply not coping with the load. In such a case, you should simply replace it. What is more preferably ­ to set water cooling, it will be much more efficient. The cooler must be expensive and necessarily new. It will help you to forget about overheating for a long time.

Often overheating happens as a consequence of driving high­power computer games, which in turn cause a strong load on the video card and as a result a video card can not cope. In such a case, we advise you simply to delete games, requiring a more powerful configuration of your computer than you have.


Also, such problems may happen because of users, which use different programmes for overclocking video card or the processor. Doing this you should remember that overclocking the video card or processor is a very dangerous thing and it is manageable only by highly skilled computer masters. Even the professionals try not to do this, because it is still very dangerous ­ even if you are a God of computer and software.

By the way, because of overclocking or processor, computer hardware begins to burn in flames in most cases. You should not try to overclock anything on a computer in no case. It is better just to buy a new powerful component and install it. Believe me ­ it will be much better and cheaper.

But if you still want to try, then we advise you to install the cooling powerful first. It is the advice of professionals who deals with computer overclocking. If you start an overclocking on an unprepared for such actions computer ­ the consequences can be terrible. It is better to install the water cooler because it will cool your computer very effectively.

So, now we know all the reasons of overheating of video card, but what should you do to fix the issue. If the above advices did not help you, we advise you to give your computer to a professional because only professionals are able to repair computer correctly and fix such problems.

Good luck!

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