Why the Internet disappears?

Often it happens so that the Internet simply disappears from time to time, or completely stops work. It such situations most people just call to technical professionals or applying to the call centre of their internet provider. But often the problem lies in something not very important and small and you can solve it completely by yourself without any help!

First of all you should determine in what area the problem lying. Do you have disconnected internet every half of hour, or every hour? Or may be your internet is connected and Windows reports that everything is fine, but you can not open pages?

When you will determine in what way your internet disappears, then you should start searching the source of the problem. In case when your internet simply disappears every half of hour or so, then most likely the problem can be in a line (in the case of ADSL, etc.), or Provider can cause your problems.

In rare cases, the problem lies in the user’s computer.

If it is your case and the problem is in your computer, we advise you to appeal to the technical support and clarify the information about the current problem. If everything is good with provider and they have no problems, you need to check the telephone line ­ it may be damaged. If everything is fine with the provider and your telephone line ­ we recommend you reset the Internet settings and recreate the connection to the Internet.

If you can connect to the Internet, but can’t open sites, the problem can be or in the modem settings, or in settings of Windows.

There are three possible ways of solving such problem:

Open the modem settings and try to set the mode of Bridge (in the case of ADSL), or simply reset all settings to factory settings. Then turn off the modem, wait 10 minutes and during this time restart your computer. Then try to connect to the Internet again. In most cases it is enough to solve problem.

To go into the settings of the modem, you should type in the browser the IP address of a local LAN adapter from the modem (if ADSL). Standard settings can be opened with the help of local machine’s IP address ­ However, if it does not work, you should still indicate address of the LAN. You can easily check the IP address of the local LAN network.

Open the “Control Centre Network and Sharing Centre” and in the left menu scroll to “Change”.

why-the-internet-disappears-photo-1 why-the-internet-disappears-photo-2

In the properties point to “Protocol of Internet Version 4” and click “Properties“. Here you need an IP address in this window. Copy and paste it into your browser. After this you will see the settings of the modem.

In the case when the modem will request a combination of username / password, you need simply enter “admin / admin” ­ these are standard factory combination. If the reset will fail, try to switch on DHCP on your modem. Specialists of support of Internet service provider sometimes advise doing so.

2) Perhaps, Windows configured incorrectly at this moment. In this case, the Internet comes from the provider, but fails while coming from the modem to the computer. To correct this, try to start the “Master of diagnosing problems of Windows“, from the control panel of connections. Then Windows should automatically correct all the problems of connection.

To start the configuration wizard you should open the “Control Panel“, find the tab “Network and Internet“, and then open the “Control Centre Network and Sharing Centre“. At the bottom you will find a button named “Troubleshooting.”


3) If none of the above methods did not help, try to re­create the network connection.

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